Third edition of the ‘Beautiful Olympic Cultural Scroll’ released


The third edition of the Olympic Manifesto scroll is unveiled by students in Beijing Huiwen Middle School. The 60-meter-long scroll outlines the genesis of the Olympics and what has it evolved into today. The new edition of the Olympic culture scroll mainly centers on the Spring Festival and Winter Olympics, showing the integration of diverse world cultures, telling a new Winter Olympic story.

Third edition of the 'Beautiful Olympic Cultural Scroll' released

北京汇文中学的学生们揭开了第三版奥运宣言卷轴的面纱。 60 米长的卷轴概述了奥运会的起源以及它的发展历程。 新版奥运文化卷轴以春节和冬奥会为主题,展现世界多元文化的融合,讲述新的冬奥故事。



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